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Acacia Information

Acacia Information

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The Greek word “akis” translates into “sharp point.” As a result, certain thorny and sharp trees and shrubs that mark the landscape of tropical Africa and Asia are considered to be “Acacia” variety -- garnering their name from this root word. It’s estimated that there are approximately 1,300 species of Acacia shrubs and trees. Wood from these plants is often featured in flooring, furniture and as pulpwood for making paper products. In particular, Acacia furniture is especially valued on account of the beautiful and durable finish the shades of the wood offer. Some Acacia wood varieties are fragrant – which leads the product to be considered to be a luxury wood prized when making certain products, including decorative cabinetry or musical instruments. The plant is also sometimes used for medicinal purposes -- such as to lower cholesterol and in anti-diabetic (stable blood sugar) efforts. Other applications are in the treatment of gingivitis, indigestion and as an ingredient in certain cosmetics.

Acacia Benefits & Uses

Certain varieties of Acacia wood, considered by some to have fragrant qualities, are sometimes burned as an incense therapy to treat fever or as a remedy for joint pain. Meanwhile, Acacia gum extracted from the plants may be dried into a powder and then dissolved in water. This dietary fiber liquid is believed to enhance weight loss and reduce cholesterol. Acacia may also soothe stomach inflammation and help fight against liver disease. Sometimes chewing sticks of the plant are also available – particularly with the intent to be an anti-microbial treatment for Streptococcus fecalis. Acacia bark is sometimes believed to be helpful in treating various skin issues while Acacia flowers are believed by some to be ideal additives in a bath to treat dry skin. Variations of Acacia are also becoming more commonly associated as ingredients in colon cleansing procedures or total body detoxification plans.

Acacia Side Effects

Although side effects of supplemental Acacia products are not particularly believed to be common or severe, there is a risk to those who may have an allergic reaction to the substance. Respiratory challenges and skin issues may develop in the case of such allergies. Occasional gastrointestinal issues can also result from using these products. In addition, although Acacia fiber may reduce constipation and diarrhea for some, the bulking property of the supplement can cause blockages in the esophagus, intestines or stomach if consumed. This appears to be more likely with intake doses higher that prescribed – especially if consumption is occurring without sufficient water intake. Medical professionals often suggest adding Acacia fiber to one’s diet in gradual increments and with attentive care to help ensure safe use of these supplemental products.

Potential Drug Interactions

Acacia products can slow or reduce the rate of absorption of other medicines – particularly with pharmaceuticals or medicines taken orally. During some cases where Acacia was given via IV, there may have been damage to the kidneys and liver. It is often recommended to consult a certified physician when considering adding this supplement to your diet and avoiding the products altogether if a person is consuming drugs featuring tannin therapies.

Available Forms

Often, people use Acacia powder to be mixed with water or juice. However, acacia tablets, lozenges, capsules and the chewing sticks are also popular forms of the supplement. Oils from this plant -- distilled from flowers -- may be used for food flavorings. Flower nectar may also be converted by honey bees into a special honey that is featured in confections. This special honey may also have anti-bacterial affects.

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