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Acai Information

Acai Berry Information

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Are all the whispers at the health food store and the shouts from the diet marketers true? Highly glamorized as one of the elite superfoods, Acai Berries are credited to have powerful powers with weight loss, antioxidant capabilities, anti-aging benefits and other heath enhancement pursuits. Weighing in at about an inch long with reddish color, these berries (pronounced as “ah-sigh-EE”) come from the Acai Palm Trees native to South and Central America.

The taste of Acai is sometimes described as a cross between a berry and chocolate…and, as a result, a number of products and recipe feature chocolate with Acai because of these well-fitting flavor combinations. If Acai is not available at your local grocery store, it is often available at health food outlets and quality health suppliers online.

Acai is sometimes referred to as a “superfood” and is believed to have 10 times the antioxidant power as red grapes and to be even able to help omega-3 fish oils penetrate cell membranes more effectively.

Acai Benefits & Uses

Studies are ongoing, but some experts say the secret of the Acai fruit lies within the flavonoids and anthocyanins -- antioxidants the boost the human body’s cell protection scheme. When we encounter free radicals, Acai may help neutralize the components…keeping us healthy and beautiful in the process! Some experts even believe Acai can help patients fight cancer and heart disease deteriorations. Select cosmetics may list Acai Oil as a key ingredient and argue that keeping antioxidant levels consistently high through your diet helps keep skin looking youthful. And, if consuming Acai in your breakfast smoothie is helpful…product manufacturers point out perhaps also incorporating the ingredient in a topical body or facial cream could provide positive results, too. Some people claim the berry boosts their energy levels and enhances concentration abilities.

Acai Side Effects

Although widely considered safe, medical professions point out that people with pollen allergies or who may have sensitivity to berries may want to avoid adding Acai products into their diet. Considered by some plant experts to be an “exotic cousin” to the cranberry and blueberry, professional care should be consulted if people have experienced a previous health concern with berries. Consuming raw berries or mashes of Acai may also create a situation where Chagus Disease could be transmitted. This occurs when berries contain remnants of specific insects native to South America, Texas or Mexico, causing the fruit to contain a parasite. Some medical professionals will recommend that pasteurized juice be consumed and raw versions be avoided.

Potential Drug Interactions

As is the case with all supplements and medicines, it is best to consult a doctor before adding Acai products into your routine. In particular, some painkillers may react negatively with Acai substances. Acai could also hinder the effectiveness of certain cancer prescriptions.

Available Forms

Growing popularity of Acai has helped the list of products and supplements featuring this ingredient increase substantially. Frozen smoothie packets, tablets, jelly, juices, sports drinks and even fresh berries are now more widely available than ever before. Sometimes, liqueur versions featuring this fruit are also available.

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