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Acerola Information


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Sometimes referred to as Acerola Berry or Acerola Cherry – experts say Acerola is not related to the standard Wild Cherry although it does have the distinction of being the riches source of natural Vitamin C identified by nutrition experts.

Sometimes also referred to as “Barbados Cherry,” “Wild Crapemyrtle” and the “West Indian Cherry,” this tropical fruit is native to Mexico, Central and South America. Demand for this product has helped cultivation operations expand into Texas, California, Brazil and Florida. Round and bright red when harvested, the berries are described as have an “appealingly tart” taste.

Acerola Benefits & Uses

Very few studies on this fruit have provided substantial evidence on health benefits. However, fans of this mystery berry credit this food with being a natural remedy for common colds, depression, certain allergies and diabetes. Acerola gel is often particularly intriguing to women – as this beauty substance is rumored to sometimes be helpful with evening out skin tones and soothing sun-damaged skin. After being harvested, these cherries often ferment extremely quickly. As a result, the fruit is often featured in syrups, jams, powders and juices.

Potential Acerola Side Effects

Because of the impressive Vitamin C portions in this fruit, it is generally not advised that anyone combine Acerola supplement or food sources with Vitamin C supplements. While some medical professionals acknowledge that Vitamin C over-consumption is not a common issue for most, Acerola products may seemingly cause diarrhea, cramps or nausea for some patients who add the fruit to their diet. There may also be an increase of developing kidney stones – especially for those with certain health factors. People who have an allergy to latex may also be more likely to have an Acerola allergy. As always, it is strongly recommended people consult with a personal medical expert or physician prior to adding any new supplement into one’s regular routine.

Potential Drug Interactions

As is the case with all supplements and medicines, it is best to consult a doctor before adding Acerola products into your routine. In particular, people who have experienced a prior allergic reaction to ascorbic acid supplements are generally advised not to take Acerola products. These supplements may also be discouraged for those who have liver disease, kidney disease or certain enzyme deficiencies. Ascorbic acid could have negative affects for pregnant or nursing women, so a doctor’s supervision is strongly recommended with any Acerola product. Finally, select amphetamines used to treat attention deficit disorder, narcolepsy and other conditions may also elicit a negative reaction.

Available Forms

Acerola Cherry powders are mixed with liquids or with a smoothie recipe. Supplement tablets, juices or jams are often common ways to incorporate this nutrient in one’s diet. Syrups, lotions and gels may also be available. Facial toners and other beauty products featuring Acerola extract forms are also growing to be more common.

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