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Acidophilus Information


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Acidophilus is an important component when it comes to your good health. Mostly found in the normal small intestine digestive tract of mammals, Acidophilus are considered to be a great probiotic treatment that will help those using it to keep and maintain a health bowel schedule.

Acidophilus Benefits & Uses

The value of studying how probiotics could potentially help enhance health in people seems to date back to around the late 1800s. Some experts noticed that certain cultures seemed to enjoy longer life spans. Further evaluations of these lifestyles indicated that perhaps the consumption of certain fermented milk products could be the reason behind the benefit. Since these milk products contained Lactobacillus Acidohpilus, supporters began correlating these bacteria with positive health benefits. While studies are ongoing, Acidophilus supplements are sometimes suggested as a treatment for treating diarrhea, lowering cholesterol and even as a method for addressing certain vaginal infections. In addition, some medical experts believe that Acidophilus may have some benefits in terms of lowering the risk of colon cancer. Some studies trying to evaluate if probiotics could have a positive health benefit on other mammals are also becoming more common.

Acidophilus Side Effects

Lactobacillus Acidophilus or Lactobacillusacidophilus is sometimes referred to as L. Acidophilus. It’s generally considered to be a “friendly” bacterium that naturally appears in the body and helps address a certain acidic level, keeping harmful bacteria at bay. While this supplement is not normally evaluated by the FDA for effectiveness or safety, and there may be an issue with certain supplements having a toxic metal risk. It is strongly recommended that anyone considering adding this supplement into their diet consult their personal doctor to make sure any products purchased come from a reliable source and to help avoid allergy complications.

Acidophilus is generally not recommended for women who are pregnant, nursing or likely to become pregnant. Products are also generally not recommended for children, unless under the direct supervision of a doctor. Oral antibiotics will often kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria. If Acidophilus is recommended as part of a therapy to help regulate bacteria levels, attention should be given to dosage amounts and schedule to try minimize a number of potential side effects – which may include risk of a weakened immune system.

Potential Drug Interactions

While Acidophilus is generally considered safe for most people when under the care or supervision of a doctor or pharmacist -- common side effects may include upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, bloating, cramps and shortness of breath. Doctors will also generally strongly recommend their patients with artificial heart valves avoid this supplement because of the risk of bacterial infection.

Available Forms

Powders, tablets, pills and yogurts containing Acidophilus are often available at health food stores and various grocery outlets. Pills, tablets and powders are often available via online retailers, as well. Granules and suppositories are also seemingly widely available, but are also occasionally options for consumers.

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