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Acorus Information


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Resembling an iris plant, Acorus is a perennial shrub that may often thrive especially well in consistently wet environments. When nestled on the perimeters of a pond, lake or waterfall – Acorus may reach healthy heights of six feet tall. In some cases, the root length may mimic and equal the grass thread reach above the ground. Acorus roots are also able to seemingly grow horizontally along soil surfaces if conditions are ideal. Roots of this plant are a dried and often referenced in traditional Chinese medicine recipes.

Acorus Calamus is also sometimes referred to as Calamus or Sweet Flag.

Acorus Benefits & Uses

Acorus is an herbal supplement with various benefits, although it is notably associated with the treatment of withdrawal for those with an alcohol or drug dependency. Month experts believe that the first 10 days of stopping to use a drug are the most difficult for those making an attempt at recovery. Acorus products are believed to potentially help some users by blocking histamine secretion in the human body – which causes forceful stomach pain during the process of withdrawal. These products may be particularly recommended my medical professionals for people trying to address a heroin, morphine or cocaine addiction.

Acorus root products are associated with the liver, spleen and heart areas. The products from these roots may be used to treat swelling, fevers, asthma, constipation and also recommended as a general sedative.

Lemony-scented leaves from the plan are sometimes used to make fragrances and considered to be an “aromatic stimulant.” While what this distinction technically means varies from expert to expert…Acorus or Calamus Root products are sometimes marketed as an effective aphrodisiac and/or as a brain tonic to enhance processing ability. This therapy herb is sometimes prescribed for people after a stroke or brain injury – especially in crucial days following such injury.

The name Acorus is believed to come from the Greek word “Acoron.” This spelling is, in turn, associated with the word “Coreon” which means “pupil.” The belief is that Acorus was an early treatment for eye inflammations and could be how the plant earned the name reference it boasts today.

Acorus Side Effects

Generally, Acorus products will not be recommended for use with nursing or pregnant women – particularly because the herb is sometimes categorized as being a uterine stimulant. Vomiting may also occur, especially in cases where dosage levels are too high for a particular person. Please read below for additional warnings.

Potential Drug Interactions

As with all supplements, Acorus products should be taken only after the consultation of a medical professional. Generally, doctors will not recommend any Acorus be taken consistently for a long period of time. Research has linked Acorus oil use over long periods to eliciting tumors in mice.

Worthy of note: the United States Food and Drug Administration banned certain Calamus products as food additives and medicines in 1968, in part, as the results of the aforementioned study became available. Under certain conditions, Acorus Calamus can be dangerous to consume for a variety or reasons. Aquatic plants that have grown in water harboring harmful organisms or containing certain chemicals can make plant products hazardous to consume. A doctor’s consultation and/or supervision is strongly recommended with any Acorus products.

Available Forms/

Dried Acorus root may be available at some Asian or herbal market stores. It may also be available in a pill or capsule form, as a powder or decoction. Tea products are also sometimes also an option.

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