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Agaricus Information


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The reference “button mushroom” will help you describe the exact Agaricus. A fungus that likely originated in Brazil, this food product is now often cultivated in Japan and China, as well as Brazil. Aside from being incorporated in a food dishes, Agaricus mushroom plant extracts are also routinely converted into medicines for high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, stomach ulcers and into tonics or products used to boost the immune system.

Humans have supposedly been enjoying these little culinary delights since ancient history. The Egyptians thought that these species of mushrooms may be part of the secret to an immortal life. Ancient Romans respected Agaricus Bisporus as one of the treasured “food of the Gods.”

Agaricus Benefits & Uses

Button Mushrooms pack an impressive health punch when incorporated into one’s diet. While specific nutritional amounts may vary somewhat by crop, these mushrooms do more than make your favorite pasta dish look appealing. A range of various minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, phytochemicals and protein are packed inside.

Specific minerals represented often include: copper, selenium, iron, potassium and zinc. Specific vitamins featured routinely include riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, pantothenic, as well as Vitamins D and C.

Researchers believe that these nutrient combinations may stimulate positive immune activity within the human body and/or may help reduce certain harmful enzymes and balance hormones. Specifically of interest is the possibility that these mushrooms could reduce the risk factors of breast cancer in both post- and pre-menopausal women.

Agaricus Mushroom Side Effects

Agaricus Bisporus products are generally considered to be non-toxic and safe for most of the population. However, allergies can occur and are extremely dangerous for certain people – so consultation with a medical professional is recommended. Various species of mushrooms contain levels of agaritine, which can be dangerous when consumed. As a result, cooking mushrooms is often suggested as a way to help prevent complications and reduce toxicity concerns. Proper wild mushroom identification is also important as a very toxic mushroom referred to as “destroying angel” or “Amanita” resembles Agaricus Bisporus in appearance.

Potential Drug Interactions

There is only limited research available on the possible issues associated with using Agaricus supplements short- and long-term. For some, there may be an issue with liver health – especially to cancer patients. Consumption of Agaricus could possibly increase certain liver enzymes and create a health concern. Likewise, people with hormone-sensitive cancers (such as ovarian cancer and breast cancer) are strongly recommended to consult with a personal physician before incorporating Agaricus products into their daily diet. Patients with prescriptions for blood sugar lowering medicines should also take extra measures to discuss risks with their medical professional or consultant aware of their personal health situation.

Available Forms

Supplements and teas are generally the most common forms of Agaricus health products. Natural food health stores or health grocery sections may offer a number of specialized offerings. Online outlets specializing in dietary supplements will also generally carry a variety of mushroom extract options for consumers, as well.

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