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Aloe Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals

Aloe Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals
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Aloe is not a cactus. This perennial plant has stiff, erect spikes with clusters of flowers from 2-30 feet high. The leaves are long, thick, spiny, fleshy and crowded in rosettes at base of the stem, ending in a sharp point. The leafless stalks bear dense clusters of tube shaped yellow and red flowers which contain jelly-like pulp.

The gelatinous substance inside the stalks is an emollient, a cellproliferant, purgative, and vulnerary. Historically used as a treatment for burns, scalds, internal and external ulcers, boils, arthritis, kidney ailments, psoriasis, bad complexion and other skin problems, wounds, ringworm, and insect bites. Note: When a piece of the leaf stalk is broken off, the part not used will seal off and Keep for several weeks. When planting in a pot use a sandy loam soil, indoors, keep repotting it to allow growth. Water when transplanted, wait 3-4 weeks, then once a week. Do not fertilize or over water.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Aloe Powder 8 oz.


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