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AlphaCura DermaXma Natural Acne Remedy - 1 fl oz (30 ml)

AlphaCura DermaXma Natural Acne Remedy - 1 fl oz (30 ml)
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Alphacura DermaXma natural acne remedy is a 100% natural pharmaceutical grade herbal remedy for acne. It is effective on pimples, black heads, boils, cysts and other skin problems.

Uses: clearing and controlling acne and other skin blemishes to bringing welcome relief from fever blisters, itchy rashes and poison oak.

Its a topically applied, cool, soothing, anti -bacterial dermal decongestant. Made from a plant protein compound of natural amino acids and other (plant) phyto- chemicals.

The acne cure is derived from rare living botanical's. Alphacura DermaXma is non irritating, invisible on the skin and odorless. It is safe to use continually as often as needed and for as long as needed.

Its proven so safe you can use it on just plain itchy skin for relief.


Unlike any other acne treatment, its combination of effects and benefits are unique to it alone, as is its ease of use.

The acne cure is absorbed into the skin and goes to the glandular and vascular structures in the derma.

It neutralizes and removes serum irritants, unclogging the skin's derma, reducing inflammation. Restoring the skin to normal comfortable health.

Alphacura DermaXma is a natural astringent, its gentle drying characteristics make it doubly effective in cleansing and tightening skin pores.

There are no side or after affects and no danger to prolonged use of the acne cure. Can safely be used as often and for as long as needed.

Instructions for use:

  • Start the acne treatments in the evening. Carefully wash the effected area with warm water and a nonirritating skin soap or cleanser. Dry gently and wait 30 minutes, allowing the skin to calm and breathe.
  • Shake Alphacura acne cure for a second or two. Apply a small drop to a well-washed finger tip.
  • Alternatively a small amount can be put onto a clean saucer to treat a number of blemishes.
  • Coat the effected area evenly use sparingly, gently rub-in the acne treatment.
  • After first application, wait 5 minutes for it to be absorbed. Reapply a second time as before and leave on the skin overnight.
  • In the morning apply the Alphacura acne cure a third time and leave on the skin.
  • Oily skin may be cleansed with pure Aloe Vera liquid, wiped dry, then benefit from a double application of Alphacura SkinAID acne cure.
  • Avoid putting anything else on the acne treatment area's, such as shaving products or makeup.
  • In the afternoon, apply a forth time, leave on the skin. That evening, gently wash and begin the treatment cycle again.
  • If you are able to follow this regimen, you will be optimizing the effectiveness of Alphacura Skin AID acne cure.
  • You may feel and see benefit within 24 to 72 hours. However, 4 or 5 weeks may be required in some cases of adult acne.
  • If you are unable to follow the treatment to the letter, don't worry, do the best you can. We're all different, use a routine that works for you.
  • Alphacura DermaXma acne cure will work almost no matter what you do. It just may take a little longer.
  • If adult acne is chronic, continue a single application at night to control and maintain a good skin condition.

Brand: AlphaCura
DermaXma Natural Acne Remedy - 1 fl oz (30 ml)


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