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April 2014 Newsletter - Seasonal Allergies, Chili Lime Kebob Recipe & Nutribiotic GSE

Don't Let Seasonal Allergies Drag You Down

Sniffle. Grab a tissue. Sniffle. Sneeze. Repeat. That can be the miserable routine for the estimated 50 million people who find themselves struggling with seasonal allergies. For some, allergies are mild. For others, an occasional decongestant does the trick when it comes to providing relief. But for others, allergy symptoms are rather serious and seriously affects their daily life.

Many medical professionals list animal dander, molds, dust mites and pollen as the top environmental allergens. Sometimes called “triggers,” these substances may cause eyes to sting or become irritated. Or perhaps, the skin may become red and aggravated. For others, breathing becomes more difficult.

In the autumn, weed pollens (like Ragweed) seem to create issues for those with allergy sensitivities. One Ragweed plant, for example. A single plant can produce up to a billion grains of pollen during a season…and the lightweight grains can travel for impressive distances because the little granules are so lightweight.

Pollen is an issue in the spring weather, too. The fine powder trees evolve into full bloom is often credited as the big culprit for allergy issues during this time of year. Mold spores can hit their highest potency rates in July.

So, you can lock yourself in your house – but that’s not really likely to make anyone feel fabulous. Here’s a few ideas to help you cope with allergy challenges and take some steps towards feeling great once again.

Ten Recommended Remedies:

  1. 1. Pollen seems like it can stick to, well, just about anything. Many experts recommend a shower and a change of clothes after you’ve spent time outdoors. Wash pollen-dusted clothes promptly. And, if possible, enlist someone else’s help when it comes to mowing the lawn.
  2. 2. Adding drops of Eucalyptus Oil to a bowl of steaming water or to the floor of a shower may help open nasal passages by creating a natural, menthol-like breathing treatment. Please note: do NOT swallow the oil or rub it directly onto skin as doing so can be toxic at certain levels.
  3. 3. Get some extra sleep as being well-rested can sometimes boost allergy-sufferers immune system capabilities.
  4. 4. Choose a home with more hardwood floors and less carpet. Cleaning these hard surfaces might help families keep pollen levels at bay.
  5. 5. Remove shoes once you are inside your home. Or consider having a place for them outside or in your garage.
  6. 6. Use the dryer – avoid hanging wet laundry outside and letting pollen settle on everything from your underwear to your towels or sheets.
  7. 7. Stay indoors on windy days, but take time to go on walks outside after a pleasant rain. Pollen levels are likely to be clearest after a shower.
  8. 8. Certain herbal supplements can be very soothing for some allergy sufferers. Freeze-dried nettles (taken as directed by a medical professional) and grape seed extract products are two of the most common products associated with allergy relief. Both of these products are sometimes recommended to be taken with Vitamin C to further boost relief performance.
  9. 9. Consider investing in a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter to use at various places in your home. The bedroom is often a good priority to place such a system to help ensure a good night’s rest.
  10. 10. Neti pots are little pots designed for rinsing your nasal cavity with a saline solution. Using one successfully may take a bit of practice as the effort may seem highly awkward at first, but some experts say there is no better way to flush out allergens you’ve already inhaled. Saline sprays can also be used to provide comparable results.

Healthy Recipe for April

Chili Lime Chicken Kebobs

Chili Lime Chicken Kebob Recipe

These kebobs are not only healthy, they most definitely impress guests. Serve with jasmine rice or pita bread, with a side of cucumber yogurt dip. Yum!

1 lb of boneless skinless chicken, cut into 1" cubes
3 Tb canola or sunflower oil
1 Tb lime juice
1 Tb chili powder
1 Tb paprika
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
salt to taste
cayenne pepper to taste
Chop red onion, green pepper, red pepper and yellow pepper in large enough pieces to skewer. Add other vegetables if desired such as cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

Marinade the chicken in spices and oil/lime mixture for an hour or more. Take chopped red onion, red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, and thread skewers until done.

Grill on medium/low heat until chicken is cooked.

Serve with rice or pita bread and yogurt cucumber dip. (1 cup yogurt, 1 finely chopped cucumber, peeled, 1 tsp dill, 1/2 tsp garlic or minced garlic, salt to taste)

Staff Pick for April

Problem: Upset Stomach

Nutribiotic GSE

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