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Arnica Sport Rub Lavender-Rose Geranium - 2.oz

Arnica Sport Rub Lavender-Rose Geranium - 2.oz
Item# WRH121312

This product is set in an ointment (beeswax base) to make it firm and convenient to apply. Three varieties of this product exist. One contains wintergreen, which works for pain and inflammation in tissues. The second contains Lavender and Geranium oils, making it useful where there are weak vessels, clotting (such as a deep bruise produces) damage to vessels (such as with burns or frostbite) or poor circulation (due to disease or due to lack of movement in a person or area). The third is just the arnica product itself and can be used as an alternative to the general uses of Arnica Oil or for any generic use where arnica would be appropriate.*

Brand: Wind River
Arnica Sport Rub Lavender-Rose Geranium - 2.oz


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