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Astragalus Tincture - 1 oz

Astragalus Tincture - 1 oz
Item# WRH105201

Astragalus contains several beneficial compounds that have health-protecting benefits. These include saponins, sterols, isoflavones and polysaccharides. Research shows that astragalus has immuno-stimulatory properties.

It increases the number of stem cells in bone marrow and lymph tissue and encourages their development into active immune cells. It appears that this herb helps trigger immune cells from a resting state into heightened activity.

Astragalus also enhances the body's production of immunoglobulin and stimulates macrophages. It can help activate T cells and natural killer cells. Several studies also show that astragalus proffers heart-protecting effects, including protection against oxidative damage.

The flavonoids, saponins and polysaccharides found in astragalus root help minimize free radical damage on membranes.

Dosage: 15-30 drops 1 or 2 times per day.

Brand: Wind River
Astragalus Tincture - 1 oz


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