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Ayurvedic Soap Sandal Turmeric 2.75 oz

Ayurvedic Soap Sandal Turmeric 2.75 oz
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For thousands of generations in India, a simple paste of sandalwood and turmeric has been applied to the facial skin to preserve youth and a flawless complexion. This formula combines the astringent, purifying and cooling properties of sandalwood with the complimentary softening and toning properties of turmeric, along with 22 others Ayurvedic oils and extracts. This soap is recommended for blemished, normal to oily skin and Pitta Kapha type constitutions.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palmyra oil, rice bran oil, alkali, water, hydnocarpus (cactus) oil, castor oil, neem oil, Indian beech oil, mohwa (Madhuca indica) oil, sesame oil, sandalwood oil, neem bark, dhub grass (Cynodon dactylon), Indian gooseberry, turmeric, peepal (bodhi tree), licorice, celastrus seed, tulsi (holy basil), Corallacarpus epigaeus, nutgrass, zedoary, Indian madder root, costus, mung bean, and fenugreek.

Ayurvedic Soap Sandal Turmeric 2.75 oz


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