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Bayberry Root Bark Powder 4 oz., Best Botanicals

Bayberry Root Bark Powder 4 oz., Best Botanicals
Item# 10092BB

Bayberry Root Bark and lobelia are considered by many as the most useful herbs in botanic medicine. Bayberry forms the base for the famous Composition Powder, which comes as near to being a cure-all as anything we have. It is a powerful stimulant, astringent and tonic, influencing the alimentary tract, toning and promoting glandular activity, all the while thoroughly cleansing and restoring the mucus secretions to normal function. It is an effective deobstruent, and has been historically useful in cleansing tonic for the liver, and excellent tonic for the uterus (especially during pregnancy), and is a valuable agent for arresting hemorrhage of the uterus, bowels or lungs. When used with cayenne, it is very effective in reviving the heat in the body and in inducing diaphoresis.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Bayberry Root Bark Powder 4 oz.


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