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Beta-Glucan 250 mg, 30 Tablets, Source Naturals

Beta-Glucan 250 mg, 30 Tablets, Source Naturals
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Source Naturals Beta Glucan Purified Beta 1,3/1,6-Glucan  Beta Glucan is a complex polysaccharide composed of glucose mollecules extracted and purified from the cell wall of common baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Animal and human cell culture studies have shown that beta glucan can stimulate several aspects of immune function, such as phagocytosis and interleukin production. Source Naturals Beta Glucan uses a purification process that removes the mannoproteins and yeast residues that may reduce the effectiveness of beta glucan.

Source Naturals Beta Glucan Purified Beta 1,3/1,6-Glucan Addresses the Following Related Health Concerns:

  • Immune Support

Source Naturals Beta Glucan Purified Beta 1,3/1,6-Glucan:

  • Suitable For Vegetarians
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Contains No Sugar
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Fragrances

Supplement Facts for 250 mg Tablet
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Amount %DV
Calcium 110 mg 11%
Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan 250 mg

Other Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, stearic acid, silica, and modified cellulose gum.

Suggested Use: 1 tablet daily before a meal.

Leaders of the Wellness Revolution
Source Naturals was created in 1982 by C.E.O Ira Goldberg to support each individual’s potential to enjoy optimal health. At that time, the kind of nutritional formulations he envisioned – for the maintenance of well-being and the enhancement of life – simply didn’t exist. The idea of combining many nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals in one formulation, though common today, was then a rarity. Source Naturals pioneered the concept with Wellness Formula, now the industry’s #1 immune support product. Source Naturals subsequently introduced numerous award-winning formulas, recognized for their excellence in independent surveys and nutritional analyses. In addition to Wellness, these award-winners include Life Force Multiple, Mega-Kid Multiple, Inflama-Rest, the Skin Eternal line, Higher Mind, Essential Enzymes, Male Response, and more.

Source Naturals’ comprehensive Bio-Aligned Formulas help bring the power of alignment to your body. When formulating, Source Naturals evaluates the underlying causes of system imbalances, and then provides targeted nutrition to interdependent body systems. Source Naturals' line of more than 600 products also includes well-researched, single entity nutrients in their highest quality and most bioavailable forms. Source Naturals' nutritional supplements are at the leading edge of today’s Wellness Revolution. This transformation in health consciousness also includes new perspectives in diet, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual development, and complementary health care. Source Naturals Strategy for Wellness is to provide education that empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health, rather than relying solely on outside medical authority. The result is people who are more productive and fulfilled, and a world that is stronger and healthier.

Brand: Source Naturals
Beta Glucan Purified Beta- 1,3/1,6-Glucan 250 mg. - 30 Tablets


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