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Black Cohosh Root Cut 4 oz., Best Botanicals

Black Cohosh Root Cut 4 oz., Best Botanicals
Item# 10287BB

Black Cohosh Root is traditionally used as a cardiac stimulant, black cohosh root slightly depresses the heart rate while it increases the force of the pulse and equalizes circulation. It is a valuable emmenagogue in pelvic disturbances and uterine troubles as it effectively contracts the uterus and increases the menstrual flow. Black cohosh has strong effect on the muscular system, and is used for various forms of rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia. It is a viable expectorant for acute chronic pulmonary and bronchial affections. Black cohosh exerts a tonic influence over the mucous and serous tissues, stimulating the secretions of the liver, kidneys and lymph. It also aids digestion. In parturition, black cohosh is helpful in initiating uterine contractions, checking hemorrhage, and allaying the nervousness and afterpains of delivery.

A perennial shrub, 9 feet or more. The creeping, underground stem is gnarled and twisted, topped with a slender spike of small white or yellowish flowers in feathery racemes 1-3 feet long, slender and drooping. Leaves vary from ternate, then pinnate, at times even further divided. Found in eastern, southern part of U.S. in rich open woods.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Black Cohosh Root Cut 4 oz.


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