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Blue Cohosh Root Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals

Blue Cohosh Root Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals
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Blue Cohosh Root is a stimulant (diffusive, relaxant), nervine (sedative), antispasmodic, parturient, emmenagogue, tonic, diaphoretic (sudorific), diuretic, anthelmintic, demulcent, anti rheumatic. Dr. Shook wrote: "This is a very old Indian remedy. They believed it to be the best parturient in nature, and it was the habit of their women to drink the tea several weeks before labor...this exceedingly valuable Herb is well called woman's best friend for the reason that it is much more reliable and far less dangerous in expediting delivery in those cases where labor is slow, very painful, and does not bring about natural delivery. As you well know, these distressing cases are many, and great exhaustion sometimes results from delay, through debility, fatigue, or lack of uterine nervous energy. Blue cohosh in infusion or decoction taken warm will accomplish a particular easy parturition, if given for some hours just previous to the time." It has excellent nervine and antispasmodic properties which make it very useful for various pulmonary, neural, and muscular affections. Blue cohosh contains the following vital mineral elements: potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, salts of potash, calcium, iron and silicon. Many more persons, male and female, will experience healing wonders, as they believe sufficiently to apply its known, yet hidden, powers as a singular remedy or as a capable synergistic combination with other appropriate aids.

The round, simple, erect, 3 foot stem grows from a knotty rootstock and halfway up it bears a large sessile, tri-pinnate leaf, The leaflets are oval, petioled and irregularly lobed. The 6-petaled yellow-green flowers are borne in a raceme or panicle. The fruit is a pea-sized, dark blue berry borne on a fleshy stalk. Found throughout eastern and central U.S. in rich woods.

It is a anthelmintic, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, oxytocic,and parturient. The rootstock is used to regulate menstrual flow, to relieve cramps, to induce labor and for a children's colic. Steep 1 ounce of the root in 1 pint boiling water. Take 2 tablespoons every 2-3 hours in hot water, or a tincture of 5"10 drops every 4-6 hours as needed. It should be given with other herbs and used with medical supervision. CAUTION: Can be irritating to mucous surfaces and cause dermatitis on contact. Children have been poisoned by the fruits.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Blue Cohosh Root Powder 8 oz.


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