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Buckthorn Bark Cut 8 oz., Best Botanicals
Buckthorn Bark is traditionally it is used for as a cathartic, jaundice chronic, constipation laxative, and tonic. Only the dried seasoned, 1-2 year old, bark should be used. It is more agreeable than the more popular R.purshianus (cascara sagrada). Wood of the shrub is historically used in making charcoal for gun powder makers, thus "black dogwood". Freshly stripped bark acts as an irritant poison on the gastrointestinal canal.

A slender, tree-like shrub. The leaves are entire, not toothed, feather veined, arranged alternately on the stem, not opposite to one another. Flowers are produced from the wood of the preceding year and also on shoots of the current year. The spreading, thornless branches have green bark when young, turning to brownish-gray when older. The blue and gray berry has 2-3 roundish, angular seeds. Bees are very attracted to it. Found throughout eastern and northern U.S. in woods, mostly free from lime.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Buckthorn Bark Cut 8 oz.

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