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Burdock Blend Tincture - 1 oz

Burdock Blend Tincture - 1 oz
Item# WRH100301

Usage: For lymphatic congestion, boils, swollen lymph glands, excessive mucous congestion, sore throat or tonsillitis, and chronic skin eruptions. A system balancer. Burdock root and seeds are an alterative, diuretic and diaphoretic. It is one of the best blood purifiers. Lymph Toner increases lymphatic circulation and drainage. The herbs have a stimulating effect in removing catabolic waste and increasing kidney function to excrete catabolic waste. Used on many skin diseases, and can be particularly effective for eczema, either taken alone or combined with Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla.

Traditionally it has also been used to impart strength and tone to the stomach, for some forms of long-standing indigestion. Externally, it's also effective for relieving bruises and inflamed surfaces generally.

Cautions: Not for use in pregnancy.

Dosage: Acute ? 15 to 30 drops to 4 times daily. Tonic ? 15 to 30 drops times daily.

Ingredients:Burdock Root ? (Arctium lappa) Red Root ? (Ceanothus vellutinus) Echinacea Root ? (Echinacea angustifolia) Yellow Dock Root ? (Rumex crispus) Cleavers ? (Galium aparine) Yerba Mansa ? (Anemopsis californica) USP Grain Alcohol and Water

Brand: Wind River
Burdock Blend Tincture - 1 oz


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