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Crystal Body Doedorant's Deodorant Body Spray 4oz

Crystal Body Doedorant's Deodorant Body Spray 4oz
Item# 086449300093
MSRP: $4.00
Our Price: $2.48

Crystal Body Deodorant spray is made of Natural Mineral Salts which eliminate odor by leaving an invisible protective barrier against odor causing bacteria. It is fragrance free, non sticky, non staining, leaves no white residue and can be used by both men and women.

Description :
Crystal Body Deordant Spray
No aluminum chlorohydrate
Fragrance & Paraben Free

Other Ingredients: Aqua (Purified Water), Natural Mineral Salts, Potassium Alum.

Directions: MUST BE APPLIED TO CLEAN SKIN. Spray under your arms and bottoms of feet to eliminate body odor. Can also be sprayed on the insides of shoes.

Brand:Crystal Body Deodorant French Transit
Crystal Body Doedorant's Deodorant Body Spray 4oz


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