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Dashmool Massage Oil - 4 oz, Vadik Herbs

Dashmool Massage Oil - 4 oz, Vadik Herbs
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Dashmool Massage Oil can be specifically applied to various parts of the body for rashes and similar skin conditions. A highly medicated and concentrated oil with an exhaustive list of healing properties.

Dashmool oil can be applied to various parts of the body for a thorough and complete healing massage.The Dashmool herb itself is an extract blend of 10 different ayurvedic herbs. Dashmool oil can also be used when conditions such as rashes or similar skin conditions occur caused by Vata and kapha. Because of exhautive healing properties, Dashmool oil can be safely used by everyone.

Ingredients: Natural Sesame seed oil, Dashmool(Bilwa, Shyonak, Cjambhari, Patala, Ganikarika,Shalparni, Prish- niparni, Brhati, Kantakari and Gokshur.), Trianthema monogyna, and Vitex negundo.

Brand: Vadik Herbs
Dashmool Massage Oil - 4 oz


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