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Dong Quai ( Angelica sinensis ) 8 oz Crushed Root, Vadik Herbs

Dong Quai ( Angelica sinensis ) 8 oz Crushed Root, Vadik Herbs
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Dong Quai is commonly used in conjunction with other herbs as a remedy for disorders of the menstrual cycle, like cessation of menstruation, pain that accompanies menstruation (also called dysmenorrhea), and bleeding from the uterus. Traditional Chinese healers do not use it, however, to treat menopausal symptoms. Chinese herbalists recommend it for both males and females to treat cardiovascular disorders like high blood pressure or circulatory problems. Dong Quai has been known to increase activity of the central nervous system, which gives increased strength and energy and soothes headaches which can accompany problems with menstruation. It is also beneficial to the reproductive organs, and is used to treat endometriosis, or internal bleeding or bruising.

Brand: Vadik Herbs
Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) 8 oz Crushed Root


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