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Birth-Prep (Childbirth Supplement) 100 Capsules - Dr. Christopher's

Birth-Prep (Childbirth Supplement) 100 Capsules - Dr. Christopher's
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Dr. Christopher's birth prep childbrith supplement is a birth-prep 6 week formula.Using this formula (two or three capsules) morning and night is an aid in giving elasticity to the pelvic and vaginal area and strengthening the reproductive organs for easier delivery.

*Ingredients: *Squawvine Herb, Blessed Thistle Herb, Black Cohosh Root, Pennyroyal Herb, False Unicorn Root, Red Raspberry Leaf & Lobelia Herb.

Birth-Prep (Childbirth Supplement) 100 Capsules - Dr. Christopher's

Suggested Use: This product is only to be used under a professional health care provider during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Take 1 capsule daily for the 1st week.
Take 2 capsules daily during the 2nd week
Take 2 capsules 3 times a day for the 3rd week and thereafter or as directed by your health care professional. 6 capsules daily is the maximum dosage suggested.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing except as directed by your health care professional.

Brand: Dr. Christopher's
Birth-Prep 100 Capsules


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