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Joint Formula, 100 Capsules - Dr. Christopher's

Joint Formula, 100 Capsules - Dr. Christopher's
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Dr. Christopher's Joint Formula was created to help people who suffer unnecessarily from painful symptoms of arthritis and related diseases, which include inflammation, swelling, redness, pain and stiffness. The medical field has identified literally hundreds of different kinds of arthritis, but osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are the three most common. Dr John R Christopher taught that no matter what we call this disease the treatments do not have to be complicated!

Conventional treatments are based on Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Unfortunately these prescription medications come with potentially painful side effects. Recently one such medication was recalled due to increased risk of stroke and heart attack in patients. If you want a time tested safe natural alternative you should consider Dr Christopher's Joint formula made from all natural, 100% vegetarian wild crafted and organic herbal combination. This formula does not contain glucosamine, and chondroitin, or other man made ingredients

You will be surprised to learn that Dr. John Christopher's Joint formula is as effective if not more so than prescription and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. This synergistic combination of soothing herbs is known to relieve pain and inflammation while cleansing and nourishing the joints.

What Causes Arthritis?
Conventional medicine claim that the cause of arthritis joint pain is unknown, but most scientists believe that heredity and lifestyle choices play a major role. Dr Christopher believed that diet plays a major role in the cause of this devastating disease. Dr Christopher taught that diets in refined sugars, white wheat and other lifeless foods are mainly the cause. In his youth Dr Christopher suffered from this disease and corrected the symptoms with his Joint formula and a diet rich in green leaf foods.

This formula has been used historically for arthritis/rheumatism. Here is a combination of herbs that detoxify; act as a solvent for the accepted but not assimilated calcium deposits; herbs that relieve pain; herbs rich in organic calcium that can be assimilated and useful; herbs that kill fungus and infection and give wonderful relief. This relief is not immediate because rebuilding can take some time---gradual relief can come, and full healing, if the program (Mucusless diet, Cleansing and nourishing with whole foods) is followed faithfully.

All encapsulated products are in a pure 100% vegetable based capsule.

Ingredients: Hydrangea Root, Brigham Tea Herb, Yucca Root, Chaparral Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Lobelia Herb, Burdock Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Wild Lettuce Herb, Valerian Root, White Willow Bark, Wormwood Herb, Cayenne Pepper (40,000 H.U.) and Black Cohosh Root.

Ailments traditionally used for: Arthritis (Osteo), Arthritis (Rheumatoid), Bursitis, Degenerative, Joint Disease, Gout, Housemaid's Knee, Inflammation, Osteochondrosis (Tibial Tuberosity), Rheumatism

Joint Formula, 100 Capsules - Dr. Christopher's

Directions: As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules 3 times a day or as directed by your health care professional.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Brand: Dr. Christopher's
Joint Formula 100 Capsules


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