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EPA Registered Diatomaceous Earth for Pets, 1.5 lb, Lumino Wellness

EPA Registered Diatomaceous Earth for Pets, 1.5 lb, Lumino Wellness
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Lumino Wellness Diatomaceous Earth 1.5 lb is a naturally occurring fine powder composed of crushed fossils. This remarkable substance is a sharp-edged desiccant - used externally it pierces the waxy outer shells of fleas and ticks causing dehydration.

Organic alternative for flea, tick and parasite control Effective natural wormer. Food Grade, Made in the USA. External Application: Massage into pets' coat, avoiding eyes and nose. Sprinkle around pet bedding as a further deterrent. Allow up to 72 hours for results. Safe to use weekly or as needed.

Internal: Feed daily to support immune system. Double dose for worming period of 30-60 days.

Pet Amount
Kittens 1/2 tsp
Cats or Puppies 1/2-1 tsp
Dogs under 35lbs 1 tsp
Dogs 35-50lbs 2 tsp
Dogs over 50lbs 1 Tbs
Dogs Over 100lbs 2 Tbs

Effective when given internally as an organic wormer and to treat internal parasites. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth contains 15 trace minerals including calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorous, and selenium. EPA approved as a food additive

Ingredients: Fossil Shell Flour (pure food grade Diatomaceous Earth).

Warnings: For animal use only. Do not inhale. Dust may cause eye or respiratory irritation in sensitive animals. Safe use in pregnant animals has not been established. If an animal's condition does not improve, discontinue and consult your veterinarian.

Brand:Lumino Wellness
EPA Registered Diatomaceous Earth for Pets, 1.5 lb


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