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Erythri-Sweet, 3 oz Powder, Source Naturals

Erythri-Sweet, 3 oz Powder, Source Naturals
Item# SN2657
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Source Naturals Erythri-Sweet™ is an all-purpose, non-GMOsweetener that contains zero calories per serving. Erythritol is a sugaralcohol that occurs naturally in fruits and some fermented products,like wine, and has been studied extensively as a low-calorie sweetener.It can be used to sweeten any favorite food or beverage, but is particularlyeffective as a high-quality sugar substitute in baked goods, andis stable during baking. It does not promote tooth decay, and is bothsuitable for vegetarians and safe for pets.

Brand: Source Naturals
Erythri Sweet, Sweetener Powder, 3 tsp


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