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Eyebright Herb Cut Organic 8 oz., Best Botanicals
Eyebright herb has been historically used since medieval times as an eye lotion, a specific remedy for tired, inflamed, mucas discharge, infant snuffles watering eyes pain, hay fever, burning and sneezing. The name Euphrasia is of Greek origin, derived from Euphrosyne, Gladness, one of the three graces who was distinguished for her joy and mirth and gaiety. The gladness evidently results from the relief from the sufferer who has his sight restored and his sore eyes healed.

Because of its ability to check such secretions and relieve inflammations, eyebright is used with some success in hay fever. It especially reduces the swelling and inflammation of the eyes sometimes severe in this aggravating condition.

The bitter leaves are used in salads. It is an astringent. An infusion of the whole plant or strained juice from the fresh, crushed stems is a general eye tonic. Historically used as an eye wash for strain, infections and gives a sparkle" to the eye. Bath eyes in a warm infusion, 3-4 times a day (2 tablespoons of the fresh herb to 2 cups boiling water). Recommended in diseases of the sight, weakness of the eyes, eye irritation and runny nose due to hay fever and sinusitis.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Eyebright Herb Cut Organic 8 oz.

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