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Garlic Bulb Powder Organic 8 oz., Best Botanicals

Garlic Bulb Powder Organic 8 oz., Best Botanicals
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Garlic's medicinal value is largely in its being a highly volatile essential oil, so precautionary care should be taken in its preparation. Anciently it was used in both healing and nutrition.Traditionally used for asthma, bronchitis, skin diseases, stomach ulcers, leg ulcers, athletes foot, boils, abscesses, epilepsy, worms, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, pimples, tumors, kidney disease, poisonous bites and stings, indigestion, pneumonia, earache, infantile convulsions, psoriasis, smallpox, intestinal disorders (chronic colitis), respiratory affections and infections, dropsy, aging, insect repellent, fevers, nervous and spasmodic coughs, hoarseness, whooping cough, hypertension, headaches, backaches, dizziness; vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, dysentery, dyspepsia, chills, loss of weight, restlessness, colds, colic, pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia, dyspnea, pharyngitis, cramps, heartburn, sore throat, rhinitis (clogged and running nose), lip and mouth diseases (ulcers, fissures, etc.), diabetes, ague, pulmonary phthisis, sciatica, hysteria, ringworm, scrofulous sores, rheumatism, inflamed eyes, eye catarrh, chapped and chafed hands, flatulence, paralysis, neuralgia pains, retention of urine (bladder weakness), heart weakness, eczema, pityriasis, cancers, swollen glands, tubercular joints, and necrosis.

Taken raw, 2-3 cloves, it helps with poor digestion, purifies the blood, helps control acne, reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and clotting, Candida, cholera, salmonella, and dysentery. Historically used to clear phlegm, helps in colds, bronchitis, tuberculosis and whooping cough. A cold extract can be used as an enema for intestinal worms, especially pin worms.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Garlic Bulb Powder Organic 8 oz.


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