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Ginseng Root Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals

Ginseng Root Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals
Item# 10697BB

Ginseng Root Powder (American) a 1-2 foot perennial. The fleshy root sometimes resembles a human form. Leaves are palmately, divided into 4-5 sharp-toothed, oblong-lance-shaped leaflets. The plant is topped by a solitary simpleo umbel f greenish-yellow flowers. The fruit is a small, red, edible, drupe-like berry. Only use roots that are 5 years, or older. Found growing wild in eastern North America, now, mainly under cultivation.

The red berry is edible. It is a demulcent, panacea, stimulant, and stomachic. This North American ginseng has similar uses to the Oriental kind, but is less stimulating and more relaxing. Historically Used for fevers, inflammatory illnesses, hemorrhaging and blood diseases. Helps promote mental and physical vigor, promotes appetite and digestive problems. Used by women for normalizing menstruation and easing childbirth. Use the root, collected after flowering, and dried. Make into a tea, to your taste, and as needed. Note: It should not be taken continuously.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Ginseng Root Powder 8 oz.


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