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Goji Berry, Full Spectrum 700 mg, 45 vegetable capsules, Planetary Herbals

Goji Berry, Full Spectrum 700 mg, 45 vegetable capsules, Planetary Herbals
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Planetary Herbals is pleased to introduce Full Spectrum Goji Berry - a Full Spectrum formulation available in a convenient vegetarian capsule which combines goji berry standardized extract and whole fruit extract. Planetary Herbals was one of the first American companies to recognize the value of goji, also known as lycii, and for 25 years has included goji as a key ingredient in many of its clinically derived formulas. Many of the legendary claims attributed to goji are substantiated by modern science and show that goji supports blood sugar metabolism, visual acuity, immune health, and provides antioxidant defense and support for a healthy liver. Goji is valued as a powerful tonifier, strengthening and longevity tonic in Chinese herbalism. The legendary benefits attributed to goji berry are also available in Planetary Herbals Goji Berry Elixir, a specially formulated blend that combines goji berry concentrate with 7 additional fruit concentrates including cranberry and elderberry, which are high in flavonoids and antioxidants.

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily.

Brand: Planetary Herbals
Goji Berry Full Spectrum 700mg Veg Caps, 45 caps


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