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Gravel Root Powder 4 oz., Best Botanicals
Gravel Root Powder 4 oz., Best Botanicals
Item# 10168BB

Gravel root is used principally as a therapeutic agent for the urinary-genital areas, historically treating the kidneys, liver, bladder infections, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, strains, sprains ( associated with aches), nourishes the ligaments and tendons, adema, lower back pain, prostate gland and uterus. It relaxes moderately, stimulates, and tones the pelvic viscera and mucous membranes (helping to cast off any sediments that have settled on surfaces). It is good when used alone, or in combination with other herbs. Its popularity (note the name) has been due to its powerful solvent effect on stony deposits in the kidneys (here it can do the work alone, but its effects are improved with other herbal agents in combination). Gravel root is one of the greatest herbs to use for any kidney and urinary problem, and it is also great as a tonic and stimulant. As a nervine, it is reputed to influence the entire sympathetic nervous system.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Gravel Root Powder 4 oz.


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