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Crystal Balance Himalayan Bath Salt, 16 oz Crystals, Source Naturals

Crystal Balance Himalayan Bath Salt, 16 oz Crystals, Source Naturals
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Relax into the ancient pleasure of a warm bath with salt crystals of unparalleled purity and richness.
Millions of years ago, the primordial oceans over the Himalayas evaporated, leaving salt and mineral deposits. As the eons progressed, the majestic peaks of the mountains rose to the sky, and the tectonic pressure compressed the ocean beds into massive salt blocks. Legend has it that the salt deposits were originally discovered by Alexander the Great in 325 BC, but then they were ignored for centuries - unexploited by later conquerors such as India, the Persians, Ghengis Khan, the Moghuls or the British, among many others. Himalayan salt has been rediscovered and is gaining worldwide fame.
The salt deposits are pure: they are untouched by pollution, not bleached or treated by modern chemicals.
Himalayan salt crystals are filled with trace minerals, giving the salt a natural rose color. A refreshing salt bath stimulates circulation, and cleanses and smoothes the skin.

Supplement Facts for Crystals
Serving Size:
  Amount %DV
Himalayan rock salt.  


Suggested Use: In the bath: 1/2 - 1 cup dissolved in warm water.

Brand: Source Naturals


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