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The History of Kombucha

There is an area in Russia called Kargasok, where people usually live to be over a hundred year old. At that advanced age, they enjoy excellent health and are active and valued members of society. Disease and degenerative afflictions are virtually unknown. Their lifestyle is unhurried and simple, their diet healthful, and great value is placed on family, community, morality and work ethics. When asked, these centenarians attribute their longevity not only to their lifestyle but also to a Yeast Enzyme Tea which they drink daily, as part of their diet. This tea, which has been used for generations is reported to have miraculous healing properties for conditions ranging from cancer and Parkinsonís disease to hair loss and other symptoms of aging. This beverage which is loaded with protein, B-complex vitamins, amino and other vital health promoting acids, serves to improve metabolism and assimilation and acts to detoxify and purify the entire body. It is also known to have a dramatic positive effect on the immune system!

A.F. DISTRIBUTION makes this beverage available in the U.S.A where it is gaining incredible popularity due to itís benevolent effect on humans (and animals) and due to the documented success of itís healing properties.

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