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Hops Flower Whole Organic 8 oz., Best Botanicals
Hops Flower Powder is a powerful, stimulating and relaxing nerve tonic. It increases heart action and capillary circulation, yet will produce soothing slumber in nervous and excited cerebral conditions. Hops is beneficial in affections of the throat bronchi, and chest. The stomachic tonic effects are due to an 11% crystalline bitter principle and lupulin acid (lupulite); the primary stimulant and secondary sedative effects are due to a 2% content of volatile oil and lupulin. Hops increase the flow of urine and dissolves calculi, and with certain liver problems (such as jaundice), its alterative property relieves the secreting glands by increasing the flow of bile and toning up the organ. Hops has a relaxing influence upon the liver and gall ducts, and is aperient to the bowels. Hops is able to reduce inflammation and relieve accompanying pain.

A perennial climbing vine. The stems are rough, generously armed with small curved prickles. Leaves are rough, opposite, cordate, serrate and 3~5-lobed. Flowers are yellowish-green. The male flowers are arranged in hanging panicles. The female flowers are in catkins which develop into scaly, cone-like fruit in pairs with leafy, imbricated bracts and a distinct scent of beer. Found in the Pacific west U.S. in rich, moist land. It is widely cultivated, mainly for the brewing industry.

The young shoots are eaten as a vegetable and the leaves blanched for soups. The ripe, female flower cluster, called strobiles, "hops" are added to beer for flavor, to clarify and to preserve it. It is a anodyne, diuretic, febrifuge, hypnotic, sedative, and tonic. Hop tea is a nerve tonic, a mild sedative and a muscle relaxant. It helps to induce sleep and to prevent nightmares. A cure, for some, in uncontrolled sexual desires and a quarrelsome nature. Also used for earache, toothache, neuralgia. It tones the liver, increases flow of urine and bile. The estrogen content increases lactation, therefore soothing irritable infants. It is an aphrodisiac for men.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Hops Flower Whole Organic 8 oz.

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