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Kombucha 2000, Instant Energy, 30 Tablets
Kombucha 2000, Instant Energy, 30 Tablets
Item# 726034000129

Yerba Mate Standardized Extract, 500mg - 100 Tablets

This anti-fatigue formula, is excellent for relief of fatigue and exhaustion. And it is 100% Natural.

Yerba Mate combined with propierty blend of herbs and vitamins has the power to:

Shrink your appetite Tame your cravings Keep your body trim Prompt your body into a weight loss regime Boost your metabolism Boost your ability to burn calories Melt flab Soothes moodiness Curbs emotional eating Act as a gental colon cleanse Yerba Mate has a "Thermogenic Effect" which essentially triggers the body to burn excess calories that would otherwise end up in fat cells. The Yerba Mate works it's magic by triggering the "Thermogenic Effect" that tells your body to turn excess calories into heat that rises off of your skin and dissapears. By causing more colories to be burned then usual the "Thermogenic Effect" makes it easy to burn more calories then we consume which Forces Stored Fat To Be Burned. Yerba Mate also helps curb hunger by meeting as surprising number of the body's nutritional requirements. It is filled with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals including carotene, A, C, E, and B complex; magnesium, calcium, iron and chlorophyll, to name a few. Yerba Mate has no calories. What if excercise was suddenly something you wanted to do? When you start drinking Yerba Mate tea you may be surprised to find that you are wanting to work out. Yerba Mate contains a chemical compound called Mateine, which is thought by many authorities to be identical to caffeine with one exception, it doesn't cause jitteriness. Like caffeine, it has a stimulating effect on metabolism. A faster metabolism not only means you burn more calories, it means you turn more calories into energy. As it stimulates the metabolism into turning more calories to energy, it simultaneously soothes the nervous system. You feel less nervous and anxious, and you're better able to resist physical and mental fatigue. Athletes drink it to improve physical endurance and performance; students and executives drink it to improve concentration and alertness; families drink it to improve their overall health and to protect against stress.

Supplement Information Servings Per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving: 1 tablet

Ingredients Per Serving Proprietary Formula 1000 Mg. of the following herbs & vitamins: Yerba Mate, wu chi, gotu cola, astragalus, suk day, fo ti, echinacea, bay chi, bee pollen, royal jelly, siberian ginseng, hawthorne berry, yellow dock, bizzy nut, century, pepsin, octacosanol(1500 mcg), Vitamin B-12(75 mcg).

Usage: Take 1 to 3 tablets daily with water.Each Instant Energy pill Contains the Following Herbs & Vitamins: Vitamin B-12: Helps in the formation of red blood cells, thus helping prevent anemia, increases energy levels, promotes a healthy immune system and nerve functions, improves

Yerba Mate: A stimulant which produces a long -lasting energy boost and keeps you mentally alert. Stimulates the burning of fat and stimulates brain and memory function by increasing circulation. Panax Ginsing: Rejuvenates the blood, increases energy, strengthens the immune system, increases brain function.

Ashwagandha: Increases physical energy strengthens immunity against colds and flues, relieves aches and pains associated with arthritis, lowers cholesterol and used for certain memory disorders. Bissy Nut: A stimulant which is also used a an anti -depressant and heart tonic. Astragalus: Increases energy. Builds resistance to diseases by strengthening the immune system, aids in the prevention of arteriosclerosis, insomnia and hypertension. Brazilian Suma: An energy booster, strengthens the immune system, helps regulate blood sugar levels. Bay Chi: Distributes energy to the entire body, strengthens legs and muscles in general, aids digestion, regulates fluid metabolism, is a diuretic. Wu Chi: Aids in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Aids in the treatment of arthritis, low blood oxygen, stress, bronchitis and chronic lung ailments. Paulina: A powerful energy and endurance stimulant, fights fatigue increases metabolic rate and helps the body metabolize fat as fuel, aids in the relief of migraine and nervous headaches. Don Sen: Increases energy, builds resistance to disease, strengthens functions of the spleen and pancreas, used to treat hyperacidity. Astractylodes Rhizome: Promotes a healthy digestive system, lowers blood sugar levels, controls bacterial infections. Schizandra: Increases the energy supply to cells in the brain, muscles, liver, nerves and in the entire body. Increases mental alertness, protects against radiation, counteract the effects of sugar and blood pressure, use as an anti-depressant. Licorice: Stimulates the adrenal glands which produces more energy, purges exess fluid from the lungs, cleanses the blood, aids in the healing hoarseness, hypoglycemia, coughs and constipation.

Jujube Date: Gives energy to the body and is used to relieve nervous exhaustion, insomnia, apprehension, forgetfulness, dizziness and clamminess. Wild Ginger: Reduces the risk of heart attack by reducing blood platelet clumping, stimulates circulation, increases energy level, helps reduce cramping, indigestion, nausea, coughs, sinusitis and sore throat. Echinacea: The most effective blood and lymphatic cleanser in the botanical kingdom, a natural antibiotic, stimulates the immune system, removes toxins from the blood. Gotu Kola: A memory and brain stimulant, helps with learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease and senility, a thyroid support to counteract depression and fatigue, rebuilds energy reserves. Ho Show Wu: A kidney, liver and blood tonic to restore energy and vigor, contains anti-cancer properties, reduces hypertension adn blood cholesterol levels. Ginkgo Biloba: Promotes blood and oxygen circulation to the brain, which in return helps short-term memory, promotes mental alertness, helps prevent strokes by preventing the formation of blood clots. Siberian Ginseng: Ginseng has been known to energize the body, especially the lungs and spleen-pancreas. Ginseng with other herbs relaxes muscles and provides great energy. It helps with muscle aches.

Suk Day: Benefits clarity of vision, nourishes liver and kidney, sedates heat, tonifies and circulates blood. Used for impairment of vision with the symptoms of cataracts and glaucoma. Capsicum: Promotes the cleansing of the entire circulatory and digestive system, purifies the blood, promotes normal blood pressure and pulse rate.

Brand: Kombucha 2000
Kombucha 2000, Instant Energy, 30 Tablets


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