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Irwin Naturals Bloat Away Bloating Remedy - 60 Softgels

Irwin Naturals Bloat Away Bloating Remedy - 60 Softgels
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Irwin Naturals Bloat-Away® is specially formulated to support the body’s natural water balance.* Feel less bloated and puffy with water balance support.*

Botanical Blend: Bloat-Away® delivers a targeted blend of botanicals, including Cranberry, Dandelion leaf and Juniper berry.*

Electrolyte Support: Bloat-Away® is enhanced with Potassium and nutrient-dense herbs to help replenish electrolytes and essential minerals in the body.*

Antioxidant Support: Bloat-Away® supplies botanicals with known antioxidant activity to help fight free radicals and support cellular health.*

Irwin Naturals Bloat Away

Brand: Irwin Naturals
Bloat Away Bloating Remedy - 60 Softgels


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