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June 2015 Newsletter - Workout Routine & The Health Benefits of Glutamine

How to Plan a Workout Routine

Anyone can begin a new workout routine. The biggest challenge is to stick to it after one week. All you need is a good attitude, helpful knowledge, and discipline. One of the most common mistakes that people make when beginning a new workout routine is during the warm-up. Many people go into stretching right away thinking that this is the first step. Stretching is not a form of warming up and should not be done as a substitute. In fact, stretching without warming up your muscles is very counterproductive and defeats the whole purpose of warming up. Your muscles are cold and your heart rate is resting. You actually are tightening your muscles even more by stretching without warming up because it shortens your range of motion and compromises your strength.

Instead, make sure you raise your heart rate and body temperature because this increases blood flow throughout your body and lessens the risk of injury. Walking or jogging is a good way to warm up. There is no differences between genders when warming up. Everyone should do the same thing if they want to lengthen the elasticity in their muscles, while speeding up their heart rate and increasing blood flow. This can lead to healthier and stronger muscles. Therefore, you should stretch at the end of your workout because your body is already warmed up and in a relaxed state.

People working out

When planning a new workout routine, many people decide, enthusiastically, to start with an intense workout. This is not recommended because it is best to slowly work your way up; especially if you are a person who does not exercise on a regular basis. If you are new to working out the first thing you should do is start with low reps, no weight or very light weights. Your body needs time to get used to these motions because you are activating certain muscles that you havenít used in a long time.

For the people who work out occasionally, it is recommended to also work your way up, but adjust your reps and weight moderately. Lastly, those who exercise consistently have an advantage because they are used to exercising, but this doesnít mean they should overdo it. You also need to begin slowly if you are starting a new program. Donít do the same thing every day for a long period of time because your body begins to adapt to it. From time to time you either need to switch your workout or switch the days you do certain exercises. This shocks your muscles, as well as throws your body off, which will help strengthen your muscles and continuously make your body work.

One of the greatest things about working out is that you can do it anywhere! Many people think that they have to automatically sign up at a gym to start their journey of losing weight or staying fit. You donít even need weights because you can work out everywhere including: your house, the park, your neighborhood, the yard, etc. Wherever you have space to move around you can exercise. Body weight exercises are one of the best types of workouts available to you. Walking is a great form of exercise for people who cannot engage in high intensity workouts. You can also exercise in place by doing high knees, push ups or mountain climbers. It all matters about how many reps you do and how intense the exercises you make them.

The more you do with less rest, the higher your heart rate increases and more calories you burn. There isnít a proven time that burns the most calories, so the best time to work out is a time where you can be consistent and stick to it every day. Some people say ďwhy work out at all?Ē Simply eating well is not enough to keep you in shape and healthy. If you want to lose weight or stay in shape exercise is the answer.

The Health Benefits of Glutamine

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Taking glutamine post-workout can help speed up muscle recovery, which will make your muscles stronger and help build more muscle tissue in the long run.

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