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Lavender Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs

Lavender Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs
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Lavender oil can be placed, a drop at a time, on the temples to relieve headache, or in the bath to relax. Other uses of lavender oil, mixed with water or other herbal oils, are to relieve joint pain, as an antiseptic, and to aid digestion.

But lavender's most common use is in reducing stress and headaches. Lavender is a beautiful herb in the garden. It has gray-green, pointy leaves that grow in a bushy shape. It is topped with tall spikes of pale violet flowers most of the summer. It is relatively easy to grow in a sunny spot in well-drained soil. Some varieties are not hard to the cold, and are best brought indoors for winter. They can be planted back out in mid-spring.

There are many uses for lavender. It calms the nervous system, making it a sedative. It also reduces stress in the body with its anti-spasmodic qualities. When the body is relaxed, the mind can also relax.

A tea made of lavender can be consumed as a sedative.

Ingredients: Lavender

Brand: Vadik Herbs
Lavendar Oil - 1 oz


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