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Living Green 120 Liquid-Gel Multi for Women - VALUE SIZE, Irwin Naturals

Living Green 120 Liquid-Gel Multi for Women - VALUE SIZE, Irwin Naturals
Item# 710363575465

Women's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi sets a new standard in today's world of low nutrition and high stress. Using powerful botanicals from whole living plants, this is not a one-size-fits-all's targeted to benefit the unique nutritional profile of women. For example, it delivers Vitamin D3, Evening Primrose Oil and Cranberry. But most importantly, it's one of the world's first multi-nutrition formulas that is delivered in a liquid soft-gel. So what does that mean to you? The nutrients in soft-gels are quickly released for use in your body, they're easier to swallow and they do not contain binders and fillers found in tablets, so there's more room for life-giving nutrients. But the greatest benefit of soft-gels is that they can hold special oils, such as Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs). This breakthrough formula combines over 70 nutrients, vitamins and minerals that cover the following 12 categories:

One: Full-Spectrum Vitamins
Two: Minerals
Three: Crucial Oils Complex
Four: Antioxidant Blend
Five: Fruit and Vegetable Blend
Six: Immuno Blend
Seven: Amino Acid Blend
Eight: Traditional Botanical Blend
Nine: Green Super Food Blend
Ten: Adrenal Blend
Eleven: Brain Blend
Twelve: Targeted Blend

Brand: Irwin Naturals
Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi for Women - VALUE SIZE


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