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Meta - C 1000 mg - 250 Tabs, Gluten Free, NutriBiotic

Meta - C 1000 mg - 250 Tabs, Gluten Free, NutriBiotic
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Meta-C is a unique, buffered form of vitamin C that absorbs faster and more efficiently than regular vitamin C with no intestinal discomfort. Meta-C is water processed at low temperatures with calcium, resulting in high solubility and bioavilability with an alkaline pH similar to blood.

Natural processing conjugates vitamin C with an array of biologically active metabolites in a buffered form as a fully reacted ascorbate of calcium. This calcium ascorbate is then reacted with spirulina (blue-green algae) creating an advanced food-bound nutrient system providing all the properties found in concentrated whole foods such as protein, lipids, glycoproteins, lipoproteins, nucleoproteins (RNA/DNA), complex carbohydrates, phytopigments, flavonoids, fatty acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, trace elements, and fiber.

  • Buffered Vitamin C with Biologically Active Metabolites
  • Contains Bioflavonoids
  • Rapid Absoption
  • pH 7.2
  • Made without Gluten or GMOs

Ingredients: Meta-C calcium ascorbate, vegetable cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable lubricant), silicon dioxide (flowing agent), and vegetable glaze coating.

Made without milk, soy, egg, yeast, wheat, colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.

Supplement Facts for Meta C

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with or without meals, or as directed by a licensed healthcare professional.

Brand: Nutribiotics
Meta - C 1000 mg - 250 Tabs


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