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Neem Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs
Neem Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs
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Neem Oil helps get rid of ticks, although fleas take longer due to the fact that they live in the soil and pets keep picking them up when they lie on the ground. However, with perseverance, after about 2 months all fleas are eradicated and pets will be free of fleas and ticks so long as the Neem is applied regularly.

A spectacular illustration of Neem's effectiveness as a repellant was demonstrated by the Canadian Forestry Service, which demonstrated that neem repels a wasp parasitic on pine trees with as little as one part per million (ppm) of azadirachtin present.

Insecticidal effect Neem kills insects by many different methods, the best known of which is it's anti-feedant action. Once dosed, insects can't feed & thus starve to death. However, Neem has many other activities against insects, namely:

  • disrupting or inhibiting development of eggs, larvae or pupae
  • preventing the molting of larvae or nymphs
  • disrupting mating & sexual communication
  • repelling larvae & adults
  • deterring females from laying eggs
  • sterilising adults
  • poisoning larvae & adults
  • feeding deterrent
  • blocking the ability to swallow by reducing the motility of the gut
  • preventing metamorphosis, thus preventing for example mosquito wrigglers maturing into adults
  • inhibiting the formation of chitin
  • the substance essential for the insect to form an exoskeleton

Thus all leaf-eating bugs are wiped out as are all insects actually coming into contact with Neem. This huge array of insecticidal properties of Neem is thought to be due to it's adversely effecting the insects hormone system. If that is so then no insect will be able to become immune, because it's hormone system is essential for every bodily function. Most significant, insects develop resistance in each subsequent generation, and as insects dosed with Neem cannot breed, thus there are no subsequent generations in which resistance can develop.

Is Neem Safe? Neem is safe for humans, animals, birds & fish, yet deadly to most insects. Exceptions are spiders, butterflies, bees, ladybirds etc, ie non-leaf eating insects. Indians have been using Neem for hundreds of years Mahatma Ghandi is said to have regularly prepared & eaten Neem chutney as oral hygiene & dental care, fungicide, bactericide, small doses taken internally to treat malaria, to control blood sugar in diabetes, consumed as Neem leaf tea; and the leaves & seeds are eaten by sheep & cattle without any ill effects.

Other uses of Neem. The active ingredients of Neem which so adversely effect insects is also present in the timber of the tree, so is termite & borer resistant. Being a member of the mahogany family, the timber has a huge future in Queensland.

The Neem tree is a fast growing, clean tree, with no rubble underneath, so lawn can grow right up to the trunk save for lack of light due to the canopy. It provides beautiful shade, & if a barbecue is placed under the canopy, insect-free barbecues may be enjoyed.

Neem oil is used in India to make all sorts of consumer products, such as soap, cosmetics, antiseptics, toothpastes, gargle, ointments, poultices, lubricants, fertilizers, fuel for oil lamps, glue, rope & tannin from bark fibre, as well as pesticides & repellants. Neem has a huge future in Queensland as potential timber source, while the branch tips & leaves can be harvested annually, mulched & used as a mulch/fertiliser which when taken up systemically by the roots imparts resistance to insect attacks to crops.

Ingredients: neem

Brand: Vadik Herbs
Neem Oil - 1 oz


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