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Orange Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs

Orange Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs
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Orange Oil has a great deal of uses and has been cold pressed from fresh orange peel, orange refreshes the mind and regulates the body. It is excellent for lethargy or tiredness, and for wrinkles or a sallow complexion. Orange also is pleasant to use in cleaning products and to remove stains, such as in coffee pots. The Romans drank orange flower water to reduce hangovers. Orange assists the digestive and nervous systems.

Physical Benefits: Bronchitis, Cellulite, Colds, chills, flu Dry skin, Immune system, Insomnia, Obesity, Oily skin, PMS, Regulates the body, Sallow complexion, Scarring Skin rejuvenator, Stretch marks, Varicose veins, Wrinkles, Psycho-Emotional Benefits, Refresh the mind, Stimulating, Energizing, Lighten, depression, Relaxing, Lessen stress, Clear anxiety, Dispel nervous tension.

Massage, Bath, Diffuse, Household Use in a massage to relax and provide energy after a hard days work, or for a facial massage. Diffuse to help ease symptoms of bronchitis, colds, chills, and the flu, and to soothe stress and depression. A clockwise abdominal massage of Orange may ease constipation and water retention, while a few drops added to a facial wash or shower gel encourages radiant, younger looking skin. It makes an excellent body moisturizer, and when added to the bath has a calming effect. This oil has excellent de-greasing and cleaning properties.

Ingredients: orange oil

Brand: Vadik Herbs
Orange Oil - 1 oz


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Orange Oil - 1 oz, Vadik Herbs
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