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Wildcrafted Brahmi Ghee - 5 oz, Vadik Herbs

Wildcrafted Brahmi Ghee - 5 oz, Vadik Herbs
Item# 100F17

Made from wildcrafted Brahmi Ghee is excellent to enhance meditation, promote sleep, calming formula, improves focus & concentration. For thousands of years, Ghee has been used for its many health benefits.

Some of the key benefits to use Ghee, compared to whole butter are:

      Well known as a traditional anti-aging ingredient.
        Aids all three aspects of mental functioning: learning, memory, and recall.
          Vata and Pitta Balance.
            Can be used topically to affect areas of skin, such as burns or blisters.
              Acts as a powerful carrier for vitamins and minerals, aiding cellular absorption of herbs and foods.
                We use the highest quality grade AA sweet creamery butter.
                  Contains no hydrogenated oils.
                    Will never burn in your cooking pan.
                      100% natural.
We use no:

  • Preservatives.
  • Salt
  • Water.
  • Coloring.
  • BST hormones.

Our ghee is the finest variety available in the U.S. We make ghee the old fashoined way? Cooked slowly over a low heat for hours. This is the way our family has been making ghee for the past 32 years. Because the ghee is made weekly, you are buying ghee straight from our kitchen. The only freshest way to make ghee better than ours would be to make it yourself, and this is OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU!

Brand: Vadik Herbs
wildcrafted Brahmi Ghee - 5 oz


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