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Shepherd's Purse Herb Cut Organic 8 oz., Best Botanicals
Shepherd's Purse Herb tea made from the fresh or dried herb (seeds or leaves) is historically used for profuse menstrual bleeding, bleeding piles, a styptic against hemorrhage, bleeding ulcers, lungs, chronic diarrhea, kidney and gall bladder problems, gastritis, stomach ulcers dysentery and as a wash for bruises. It can also be used to regularize blood pressure and heart action, high or low. Steep 1 teaspoon of any part of the plant for 30 minutes. Drink cold, 2 or more cups a day, or as needed, for a tonic. Drink hot for a diaphoretic. An annual with an erect, simple or branching stem and 6-18 inches tall. The basal leaves are in a rosette of gray-green, pinnatifid leaves. The stem leaves are small and clasping. Tiny white flowers grow in terminal cymes. The fruit is a flattened, heart-shaped or triangular, notched pod. It is common in fields, waste places, along roadsides everywhere. The leaves are a salad herb, and is high in Vit.K. It is a diuretic, styptic, hemostatic, and astringent.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Shepherd's Purse Herb Cut Organic 8 oz.

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