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Single Line Magnetic Water Conditioner

Single Line Magnetic Water Conditioner
Item# 645947200139

For drinking and cooking water, install this magnetic water conditioner under the sink and enjoy the benefits of living, energized water. Aids digestion, assimilation of nutrients, elimination of toxins, prevention of kidney and gall bladder stones. Shower heads - keeps shower heads clean, softer skin. Dishwasher/Washing machine - sparkling dishes, whiter laundry, less detergent. Use also for toilets, aquariums, hot tubs. Use only on copper or PVC pipes.

  • Magnetic Material: Grade 8 Ceramic}
  • Manufacturer’s Rating: 4000 Gauss
  • Surface Gauss; 1500Gauss (each magnet)
  • Penetration: 15”(38cm)
  • Polarity: Bi-Polar (- & +)

Caution: Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should keep magnetic products at least 18" (45cm) from the device. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before using magnetic products.

Brand: Serenity 2000
Single Line Magnetic Water Conditioner


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