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Spearmint Leaf Powder 8 oz., Best Botanicals
The therapeutic properties of spearmint leaf are similar to peppermint, but as it is much milder, it is to be preferred in disorders of infancy, culinary purposes, confectionery, perfumery, etc. It has a gentle diaphoretic action of mild perspiration, and as a diuretic it is very beneficial to the kidney, bladder (especially for suppression of urine). Spearmint is a very soothing and quieting agent for the nerves and stomach, and it is added to many compounds because of its carminative properties and pleasant taste.

An aromatic perennial. The rootstalk. produces erect 2~4 feet high bright green aerial, square stems. The side branches emerge at a 45 degree angle in pairs from the main stem, with subtending leaves. The leaves are opposite and lighter green than other mints, and a little hairy. Terminal, lavender-pink flowers form long, pyramidal spikes, from several to many branches. Found throughout the world and widely cultivated.

The herb tea is given traditionally for common women's complaints, and for suppressed or painful urination, for almost any stomach or digestive problem, nausea, indigestion from a sick headache or migraine and for acid indigestion from a nervous stomach. Steep 1 teaspoon of the herb in 1 cup water for 30 minutes. Take frequently, a tablespoon at a time.

Brand: Best Botanicals
Spearmint Leaf Powder 8 oz.

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