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Kombucha & Energy "In two months I noticed incredible more Energy. I had less joint pains & top of all everybody had Flu except I. I call this Miracle Tea."

Fereshteh L. Houston, Texas

Kombucha and Youth "I have tried several Kombucha teas, while in the U.S. but found your product superior to the others, on the Market. Therefore I have become a regular consumer of it. I am also happy to have received your recently introduced Kombucha Tea Extract, which saves me a lot of money of transportation costs. Your Kombucha Tea during the years has improved my health in general and my skin in particular. Nobody believes that I am pushing 90, because as one thing it made my skin supple and smoothed any wrinkles that I had on my face. For your information I wish to mention that I have found out that this is due to the Glucuronic Acid( a natural detoxfier) and Hyaluronic Acid ( Binds cells together) contained in the Kombucha Tea."

Jeff T. Budapest, Hungary

Kombucha as a Toner "I have been drinking Kombucha Tea for years, and it has proven to be consistently, superior. At all times the integrity, taste, and all the wonderful health benefits, keeps me coming back for more. The Ginger Brew, is my favorite, which keeps me feeling in fine form. Kombucha Tea is nice to apply to my face, as a "toner" after I wash my face, and before I moisturize."

Jody F. Writer/Artist Tarzana, California

Kombucha & Arthritis "When I started drinking Kombucha tea I had arthritis and it would go away while I was drinking it but if I stopped for a week or more it would come back. But now after many years, even if I stop drinking it for a month or more it does not come back.I no longer have arthritis."


Kombucha & Health "This Kombucha product is the highest quality. I have been buying Kombucha 2000 Tea and mushrooms from A.F. Distribution for over 5 years. Their service is the best. My husband and I wouldn't think of going a day without at least 1 or 2 glasses of Kombucha tea; we even take Kombucha tea with us when we go on vacation. We are in excellent health and plan to stay that way by continuing to drink Kombucha tea. Thanks to Kombucha 2000."

Sandy L. Los Angeles, CA

Kombucha & Lowering Cholesterol "I am happy to talk honestly about Kombucha! I would be very reluctant to encourage people to try it without feeling so positive about it myself. I found out about it from my sister - I only see her every six months so I was thrilled to see how good she looked the last time we visited. Her complexion was beautiful - shiny hair - lost about forty pounds and her attitude was great (she used to be a very negative person). After talking with her I knew I just had to have it! I researched the Kombucha and read everything I could find about it. I still have not been able to find anything negative about it.My husband suffers from Diabetes, ulcerative colitis and has had a quadruple by-pass this year. Depression is also very common with diabetes and he has had his share of that too. We have been drinking the tea now for about a month and it has made a huge difference to both of us. Steve's colitis is much better and his attitude is great. His blood sugar is under control and his cholesterol is down. Both of us feel 100% better both mentallyand physically. An immediate benefit comes with the increase in energy and I am hoping that the long term will cure his colitis and keep us healthy from all the other illness that is out there. Personally, I have neverfelt better and I do believe my skin looks better too. I am a true believer and will continue to recommend to all my friends and family!"

Kati Grass Valley, CA

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