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Travelers Aid Blend - 2oz

Travelers Aid Blend - 2oz
Item# WRH104302

For dysentery while traveling in Third World countries. One dropperful 2x daily will keep the intestinal tract strong and resilient. In acute situations take a dropperful every hour. For best results take 10 days before planned travel.

Not for use during pregnancy.

Usage:Formula used as a preventative when traveling in countries where sanitation is not what we're used to. Prevents dysentery, amoebas, stomach flues and parasites. For above illnesses it may be taken more frequently to lessen symptoms and hasten recovery. It's also useful in stomach/intestinal flus and nausea. Quassia Bark stimulates salivary, mucous, and gastric secretions of the intestinal canal. It is narcotic to amoebas, worms, and parasites, paralyzing them. Quassia increases tone and vigor in the intestinal tract. Echinacea stimulates immune system and lymphatics to fight off infection and carry toxins out of the body quickly. Bayberry Bark is a stimulating astringent, which regulates and strengthens membrane areas. Myriccitrin (in Bayberry Bark) inhibits growth of harmful bacteria in intestinal tract.

Cautions: An excessive dosage may produce nausea and/or vomiting. Should this occur, discontinue use or reduce dosage. We have not experienced this with anyone taking recommended dosage. Not for use in pregnancy.

Dosage: Preventative: Adult (150-190 lbs) 1 dropperful, 2x daily. Best taken in beverage for palatability. Children: Decrease according to weight. In acute cases: 1 dropperful every 4 hours. As a stomach tonic 1 dropperful daily.

Ingredients:Echinacea Root, Goldenseal Root, Quassia Bark, Bayberry Bark.

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