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The Original Unker's, Simply Sensational Lip Balm

The Original Unker's, Simply Sensational Lip Balm
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Unker's Lip Balms are an alternative to petroleum or animal fat based products that are on the market. All lip balms are made out of a natural beeswax base. Simply Sensational Medicated Lip Balm contains pure essential oils found in Natu-Rub plus Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus Oil to provide extra medicated protection.

Unkers Reviews

"I got Unker's at a teeny store in PA on Christmas vacation. 20 of my kids and family had various complaints from split fingers from cold, ski fall bruises, bumped head, lips cracked and bleeding from the cold. The lip salve literally overnight fixed the lips and the cracked finger healed in a day. Aching legs from skiing - a thing of the past!

Thank you Unkers!

Susanna W.

Brand: The Original Unkers
Unker's Simply Sensational Lip Balm


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