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The Original Unker's Salve, 3.5 oz

The Original Unker's Salve, 3.5 oz
Item# 858392002047

The Original Unker's Salve is an all natural product that contains only high quality pure essential oils including eucalyptus, oil of pine needle, menthol crystals, oil of camphor, and oil of wintergreen in a snow-white petroleum base. This is a well-known salve with many uses.


  • Menthol Crystals 7.54%
  • Oil of Camphor.44%
  • Eucalyptol Oil .77%
  • Wintergreen .89%
  • Oil of Pine Needles .67%
  • Snow-white petroleum base

    Adults and Children 2 years of age and older: Apply to the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily. Children under the age of 2, should use with caution.

    Unkers Reviews

    "I wanted to brag on this awesome product! I have horrible chronic back pain. I have had it since I can remember. I just basically deal with it because I can't afford continuous visits to the doctor and specialist. The pain is so bad that sometimes I can not decipher between my normal back pain or if I'm having a kidney stone attack. The past 2 days I have been having an attack and if you know kidney stones, you know there isn't much of anything you can do except hope that it passes quickly. A friend of mine introduced me to Unker's and told me to try it on my back.

    I honestly didn't expect it to work any different than muscle rub. About 10 mins after I applied it to my back, I was definitely proved wrong! This stuff is the most effective product I have ever used! The next day I went straight to the drugstore to buy my own container! This product has offered me so much relief! Unlike anything else I've used, it offers extended relief. It worked for hours after just one application! To top it off, it's all natural, safe, and has no warning label! Unker's salve is my new best friend! Thank you!"

    Amber M.

    Brand: The Original Unkers
    Unker's 3.5oz. alve

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