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Pascalite Clay Testimonials

Pascalite Clay Testimonials
"I love Pascalite, it works for everything I use it for."

"A friend of mine gave me Pascalite clay powder to try...I'm very impressed! I've used it on my teeth, as a poultice, and skin cleanser."

"I wish we had known about Pascalite years ago, now that we do not want to be without it."

"A thin solution of Pascalite is the best remedy we have found for poison ivy rash. And we have tried everything."

"I use the Pascalite as a dietary supplement and for poultices."

"The clear liquid left, after mixing Pascalite with water and letting it settle out, is great for eye drops for tired eyes. As a nasal spray, it stopped my motherís sinus infection which her doctor had been unable to cure. We are very interested in other uses."

"Pascalite is a good product, it helps with the healing. I tell everyone about Pascalite."

"Thank you for offering such a wonderful product @ such an affordable price."

"I was bit by a brown recluse spider and Pascalite is the only thing that has helped!"

"I discovered how good Pascalite is. I broke my ankles and used something else to ease the pain and it didnít work. But, Pascalite took the pain away right away."

"We've had marvelous results with the Pascalite clay."

"I use Pascalite for peptic ulcer - burns - acid indigestion - cuts - food poisoning - etc. Keep in car at all times!"

"I find that I really depend on Pascalite to boost my energy and lighten menstrual cramps. Thank-you for your good service and fine, fine product."

"I love everything about your Pascalite products, you have a customer for life."

"My son got sunburned and used Pascalite on it. The next morning it was like it was never sunburned."

"I am impressed with your Pascalite clay, it keeps you healthy."

"I use Pascalite for relief on my arthritis. Also, I use it for colitis and diarrhea. I have been using this clay for years and I wouldnít want to do without it. Thank you again for your wonderful Pascalite."

"I did some research on the internet for reputable companies, and Pascalite came out on top."

"I have found many uses for Pascalite, especially for cuts and burns."

"A friend supplied me with your wonderful Pascalite, which has been the first thing in 7 years to help my acne."

"I used so many other clays but Pascalite is great..."

"I use Pascalite for a deodorant under arms and a bath powder after bathing. I take Pascalite to curb nausea. Pascalite is also good as a denture holder."

"I love the Pascalite product and it's history."

Enjoy healing clay and Buy Pascalite Products today!

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